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Custom spawns keep reverting to "AutoSpawn": false,

Closed 1.0.6

I've noticed that my custom json keeps reverting all of the entries to ""AutoSpawn": false,". I have to change them to True and reload the plugin. I haven't done any debugging to see what causes it, but I will keep an eye on it to see if I can figure out the conditions that it happens with.

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Yes, that's right. I initially set it that any profiles with custom spawn points but no parent monument would be automatically set to false after a wipe,
because after a map change those spawnpoints would no longer be correct,
but it was pointed out that some people do their setups in advance on a test server, or reuse the same map over and over, so wouldn't necessarily want that to happen.

In response, I've added Disable_Non_Parented_Custom_Profiles_After_Wipe: true/false to the global config.

If you're up to date you can set that option to false in your global config, and it won't happen in future.


Thanks for raising it. 🙂

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