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Exported ui badly generates code.

CuiHelper.DestroyUI(player, "RustUI");


CuiHelper.DestroyUi(player, "RustUI");

Small typo in the code CuiHelper.DestroyUi

Edited by ArtiIOMI
The problem has not been resolved in the public version.

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Ok, I found where I can fix it myself. I also added a new button option to RustUIPropertis, "CloseUIButton"

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If you have problem with it go to directory UI>Assets>Editor and open UGUIMenu.cs
Find line(239) with text 

fullexport.Append($"CuiHelper.DestroyUI(player, \"{UI.name}\");");

and change it to

fullexport.Append($"CuiHelper.DestroyUi(player, \"{UI.name}\");");

Save file. Done.

@Billy Joe Please close. Thanks.

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