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Premade JSON Without Graphical Overlap

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Not sure if this should be in support or discussion but I would like us to come together as a community, assuming the plugin maker doesn't have the time, to edit the JSON file so that all combinations are possible so long as they do not cause a visual glitch.  For instance stacking 4 hats is going to look glitchy but sometimes you can stack 3-4 head pieces without collision issues.  This is a daunting task, having to go through every clothing combination but I intend to do it if no one else does.  Maybe some of us could focus on certain part of the JSON and others do the other and we can combine our efforts to save time?

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They're models for clothing that are not meant to be together, and thus by their very nature they'll always have some degree of glitch. I can understand you'd like to make it so that the choices are more aesthetically pleasing, but don't forget that some players like to dress all cool, while other WANT to look like the freak show rolled into town.  I'd probably make a forum post and see who's interested. I don't have the time, really, to dig through all the possible combinations. I can tell you there are 182 803 912 081 669 possible clothing combinations (allowing for multiple of the same item.)

Complicating this issue are some items that look bad, but look good when the skin is edited to alpha out parts. (Deer Skull with no horns under a faceless Riot Helmet?), but allowing players ways to bring in thier own skins results inevitably in people running around who look naked but they have full gear on.

It's a big fuckin' mammoth task. Good Luck.

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