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consol error

Closed 1.0.5


im getting these errors.. Any idea what it is?

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  at BaseProjectile.ServerUse (System.Single damageModifier, UnityEngine.Transform originOverride) [0x000e3] in <32dc9dfab36748728a319b6b3ccd8f41>:0
  at NPCPlayer.ShotTest (System.Single targetDist) [0x000f7] in <32dc9dfab36748728a319b6b3ccd8f41>:0
  at ScientistNPC.ShotTest (System.Single targetDist) [0x00000] in <32dc9dfab36748728a319b6b3ccd8f41>:0
  at HumanNPC.TickAttack (System.Single delta, BaseCombatEntity target, System.Boolean targetIsLOS) [0x00106] in <32dc9dfab36748728a319b6b3ccd8f41>:0
  at HumanNPC.AttackTick (System.Single delta, BaseEntity target, System.Boolean targetIsLOS) [0x00007] in <32dc9dfab36748728a319b6b3ccd8f41>:0
  at AttackTickAIEvent.Execute (AIMemory memory, AIBrainSenses senses, StateStatus stateStatus) [0x00042] in <32dc9dfab36748728a319b6b3ccd8f41>:0
  at AIEvents.Tick (System.Single deltaTime, StateStatus stateStatus) [0x000c3] in <32dc9dfab36748728a319b6b3ccd8f41>:0
  at BaseAIBrain`1[T].Think (System.Single delta) [0x0007e] in <32dc9dfab36748728a319b6b3ccd8f41>:0
  at BaseAIBrain`1[T].DoThink () [0x0000d] in <32dc9dfab36748728a319b6b3ccd8f41>:0
  at HumanNPC.ServerThink (System.Single delta) [0x0001a] in <32dc9dfab36748728a319b6b3ccd8f41>:0
  at NPCPlayer.ServerThink_Internal () [0x0000d] in <32dc9dfab36748728a319b6b3ccd8f41>:0
  at HumanNPC.TryThink () [0x00000] in <32dc9dfab36748728a319b6b3ccd8f41>:0

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That's most likely coming from some unsupported weapon.
I'll be looking at these weapons in the near future but, for now, things like flamethrowers and bows are no good.

Check through your kits and make sure you're only giving the npcs normal bullet weapons or melee weapons.

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Ah oke, i did make a bot with nailgun and one with crossbow.
Ill remove those for now then.

Thanks for the fast answer.

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