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custom profiles don't follow parent monuments

Closed 1.0.5


Hi Electrik,
Thanks for reporting. Do you know, did you happen to use the "Move Profile Here" button for any of these profiles?
I did find an issue with that function which I'll be solving in the next update.

I'll do a bit of testing either way, before next update, to ensure it's all good.

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You're quite right - you don't need to use 'Move profile here', but I'm aware of an issue with relocation data when people do use 'Move profile here'.

If that's the case, it'll be solved in the next update which is coming pretty soon.
Thank you for reporting!

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For sure. I'm glad you reported it - No one else has, so far.
I think it's because it's only affecting the profile location (for random spawnpoints) - not custom spawn points.
I guess most people are using combination of custom spawn points + Parent_Monument.


Anyway, it's fixed now but I have some other things to do before updating.
Would you like the fixed V by DM?

I'm afraid you'd have to move these problem-profiles again with the patched version, in order for them to work at your next wipe.

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