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Let a horde stick together?

Closed 1.0.5


got another quite specific question. Is it somehow possible to let a group of bots roam and still stick together like in a radius of eg 10 meters?

If that is possible, is it also possible to let only one group per biome spawn wile the others dont and that this action circles randomly?


Thank you!

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Sorry, no. That's not really a feature with BotSpawn/BotReSpawn.
It was always more about npcs protecting an area.

You can control how far they'll roam around that area, of course, but there's no horde mentality.
Even the biome npcs, which may appear to roam the map, are still just npcs with a given spawnpoint, roaming within a radius around that point.

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Is there any other way of only letting spawn a small "horde" on the whole map at a time and let it cycle through the biomes at random spawn locations or qould I have to give them custom spawn points all over the map?


/edit If I gave them custom spawn point, would they maybe collide then with a monument when I change the map and dont give them a parental monument?


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Not really, to be honest.
You can have npcs of a certain type which only spawn during day, or only spawn during night,
and you can adjust the thresholds for day/night yourself in the main config,
but at preset there's no support for roaming hordes, or for customised on/off times or rotation for profiles.

The closest you'd get is probably to use the biome profiles, or custom profiles with massive radius, or custom spawn points,
then use the day/night numbers to have some control of which spawns and when,

but you're right; In doing that these npcs could overlap with monuments or other areas of interest on the map.

You could have a number of custom profiles with small roam_range and spawn radius, which would result in a little band of npcs sticking together in that area.
Most likely if one aggrod a player many of the others would, so that would be horde-like, but they won't roam as a horde.

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