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Pending 2.1.1

I have been battling abit to find a setting to adjust the scientist detection range. Basically. On my map i have a sniper scientist which is kitted out with a L96 rifle using the botspawn plugin. The players can see the sniper at a reasonable distance (talking maybe 50 meters) and only when the player shoots the sniper once, then the sniper engages (returns fire). I have set the scientist aggro range to 80 which is far but i dont know how to get the scientist to engage first at that distance rather than the player shoot first? The same happens with my normal scientist, the player has to get pretty close before the scientist want to engage.

Please could you assist me as i would really appreciate it

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Hi Steenamaroo,

Sorry for the late reply.....

That would be fantastic if you are able to make it work, On my map i only have snipers in the open at Alcatraz. I have setup a specific location for players to land a heli and once on the island, they have to contend with the snipers and Bradly before they even get to the prison itself.

Thank you for assisting and look forward to your next update. 🙂 

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