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Custom Profile Reset After Using Converter

No Response 1.0.5


I can't seem to get the plugin to accept my converted custom spawn profiles. I used JsonLint and it checks out, but the plugin keeps automatically resetting the custom profile text file to the default empty.

I never updated to Kits 2, could that be causing an issue? That had no effect on the prior botspawn.

I have a metric fuckton of kits, so this conversion feature was a real selling point. Having to do it all by GUI seems pretty daunting.

Edit: Steenamaroo and Bentje sorted it out! Respawn_Timer sometimes gets set to null or 0.6 repeating. Changing these values will solve it.


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I'm very grateful to brantje for having written the converter tool but, being honest, I don't know enough about it to debug or offer suggestions.
I've just invited you to my server so we can ask him about it.

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