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Suggestions and bugs

Closed 1.0.4

Have just bought this and love the look and feel of the plugin. But I do have some suggestions, and have found some bugs here and there.
I know it's a lot, and I'm not here to nag. But here is my suggestions so far


1) Add in the config so you can change what is tracket and what is on the top list.
As and example
   "CollectStats": {
      "points": false,
      "Kills": true,
      "Deaths": true,
      "Wood": false,
      "Stone": false,
      "Metal ore": "false",
      "HQ Metal ore": false,
   "ShowInTopList": {
      "points": false,
      "Kills": true,
      "Deaths": true,
      "Wood": true,
      "Stone": true,
      "Metal ore": "true",
      "HQ Metal ore": false,

2) Add integration to

In my case I use play-time-rewards to track, as I use that for a store on my server

Add in the config so you can click on other players in the top list to see there stats (if its set to true) as in some cases you may not want that
"DisplayOthersStats": true or false,

4) Add kill death ratio to personal stats, and overall

Bugs and Others

1) The sorting works i think, but it does not show anything (If I click kills, it sort but it's not showing kills. Only points)
2) Server Top not working, just show 0 (Maybe change the name to overall server rank, not sure)

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10 hours ago, BjarkeH said:

Does it make sense all the things I have written?

please let me know if some of it need clarification

This is a great idea, I think I should add it.
Thank you. I am pleased that you enjoy my work.


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I love it.
The biggest things atm is the bugs. Where you can't see the scoreboard (You can only see points) 🙂
I will update the case if I find more bugs or have more

And you can ofc take from it what you will

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