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Custom Profiles falsly overwrite Default Info

Closed 1.0.4

Custom Data overwrites default Data. For example:

1. change default profile bothealt to 120

2. add a custom spawn for this profile from 1

3. the bothealth will not be 120, most likly 200

Edited by Hakkai

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I'm afraid I don't understand what you're describing,
however I did see your post before the edit and the suggestion you made makes a lot of sense.

I intend to add a 'clone from' option, to copy all values from one profile to another, which might be a good solution.

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ah, didnt know you had seen the previous post. Anyhow this issue here goes like this:
i change bothealth for 'mining outpost 0' to 120 (before it was something different)
then i add a custom spawn for the profile 'mining outpost 0', then i go to the files "default-SpawnsData.json" and for that spawn the health-setting is not the same as i before set for that monument. I just thought that should be the case, if not, maybe an idea for a change.

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Ok, I see.
No, this is fine.

The health for the profile is stored in the CustomProfiles.json.
What you're seeing there, stored with your spawnpoint, is a set of override options for that specific spawnpoint.

This allows you to have a specific npc stand out from the rest, with a different kit or more health, for example.

These are disabled by default, and you can enable them via the UI by clicking 'Edit Overrides' for that spawnpoint,
in the "Edit spawnpoints" menu.

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