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server fps

No Response 1.0.4

Hello . 


The plugin eats the server fps very roughly. if i unload ,have  170 server fps. if i load even after 10min it is 80-90 server fps. it's a lot of minus. and we work with half as many npc as before wipe. Any solution?



Thx. Atesz.

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The upper end of performance isn't something I know a lot about - I relied on the 'power users' with top hardware to let me know how BotSpawn performed.


I'd have expected performance to be better than BotSpawn, in terms of how the plugin is written, but the AI is totally different to what BotSpawn used and much smarter.

I do intend to find out if I can have the npcs 'sleep' when there's no one around to see them.
The old npcs in BotSpawn were subject to the ai_dormant server setting, where it seems these new ones are not.
I expect that would help on many servers.

I'll have a think, and a look, to see if there's anything else I can do to improve it.

Thank you for the message!

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We have a pretty good server, and it's surprising that fps crashes at this level. In addition, guarded crate, dangerous treasures, boss monsters, powerplant events, etc. do not run. I hope to resolve the issue as soon as possible.



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