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NPC types / Loot Profiles ?

Closed 1.0.3

Since murderers are no longer exist, i wonder how is it possible to differentiate a NPC's profile loot from another profile? For example while murderers where available their loot differs from scientist NPC's (Weapons, Ammunition) to murderer NPC's (random stuff, frankenstein body parts, etc.). It would be great if different loot profiles where available for different NPC profiles.

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This is something I hadn't considered - That people may have liked the old murderer prefab's loottable.
At present there's no in-built option to customise what loottable is used, but I intend to look into it and see if I can offer some of Rust's defaults as options.
Maybe different loot crate contents, or something.

My CustomLoot plugin does allow you to create completely custom loot tables which will apply to all BotReSpawn npcs,
or, alternatively, can apply on a per-profile bases (custom table for every profile),
but, admittedly, it is a little complex to set up at first.

If you want to try CustomLoot feel free to get in Codefling discord or my discord for live support, should you need it.
If not, I'd hope BotReSpawn might have some in-built alternatives in the near future.

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