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No rewards for Bradley

No Response 3.0.6

With the current version, I am not getting rewards for destroying the Bradley. 

"bradleyapc": 100.0,

In previous versions I got 100 economics coins. Coins for other things like killing animals and AI is working fine.

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Sorry it took a while to get testing this.
I just took a look and I'm getting rewards for both kill types.
I tested CH47, APC, and Patrol Heli, and each of them worked fine.


Is it possible you have some multiplier set to 0, cancelling out the reward?
Maybe a weapon multiplier, or zone?

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The config file looks fine, I think.
I'm not sure - Do you have any other plugins which might be doing something when the APC is killed?
If you have the luxury - low pop or a test server - it would be worth doing o.unload *  then loading Economics then RustRewards,
to test in isolation.

If you're trying it you can do o.reload * afterwards to reload all your plugins.

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