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1.0.3 Current Problems

No Response 1.0.3

1. Corpse duration works normally. However, the loot bag does not appear after the corpse disappears. All NPCs. Rust will become a loot bag when the corpse disappears and will remain for a certain amount of time (vanilla 35 minutes). But my bots don't turn into bags when the corpse is gone.

*The corpse duration works normally.



2. I operate a boss NPC. More powerful, more durable. However, killing this guy immediately spawns an additional bot. This is a despair for users who have attacked the boss hard.

Probably, by setting it to day spawn 1 and night spawn 1, but if you kill 1 bot even when day and night don't intersect, another bot will spawn immediately.

* So far, I've set Day : 1 / Night : 1, and killing doesn't immediately spawn an extra person.



3. I think that the damage percentage of the L96 rifle does not apply. My bots are equipped with L96, and they are always killing users with one shot despite their 50% damage percentage.

* Previously, when damage was set to 50%, 2 L96 shots killed the player.



I love this plugin. So I was able to ignore a lot of debate and debate and buy it right after launch without any consideration. However, I think that if it changes to a paid service, it will probably place a greater responsibility for updates and maintenance. If everyone had to wait because it was free until now, and couldn't complain because it was free, from now on we are all buyers.

There will probably be many responsibilities and hardships. I am always cheering for Steen. Please forgive the weird English. I am not an English speaking person.
Thank you so much for keeping the best plugins of all time in Rust.

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1: Do you know that Remove_BackPacks_Percent is a global option?
I think you might have it set to true.


2: I've been working on this all night. I believe I have the timing sorted and that'll be in the next update.


3: There's no exemption for L96 or other weapons, but I think the scaling is slightly different to how it was in BotSpawn.

50% would be considered normal, to allow room to decrease and increase.


I always tried to avoid making people wait for features and especially fixes, but now that the plugin is paid you're right, there's a responsibility - That's very important to me.


"Thank you so much for keeping the best plugins of all time in Rust."

My pleasure! Thank you for the kind words.
If any of these questions aren't solved (barring 2: which will be in the next update), please just let me know here!


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