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Wipes Server

No Response 1.0.3

For the last 2 days, for the life of me could not figure out why after a server restart my server would wipe itself. I read in the "Reviews" that someone else had an issue where the new BotRespawn wiped his/her server. After reading this review , I deleted the BotRespawn plugin out of the plugins and did a test and sure enough my server stopped wiping...... Please fix issue or refund my $40




Donald V.

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There was a brief issue but it was rectified ASAP in V1.0.2, as soon as I knew about it.
Please ensure you're up to date, before your next server restart.
I'm sorry for that inconvenience.

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no offense but there is absolutely no apologies for this not only did you drop a $40 plug-in on us out of nowhere with no warning but $40 got us a broken plug-in that wipes our servers Steenamaroo>>...

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