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Map Gives Console Spam of Errors

Can't Reproduce 1.0.8 1.0.9

This file now gives a lot of errors when trying to run it. A lot of spam to the console for NullReference Oject errors. After searching around and testing the server with a regular custom map, it works fine. Put this map in, and we get the errors. So it's not the latest Oxide files having errors or the RuseEdit.dll file either. This is specifically to the map. A resolution would be nice to get on this please.

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new save file is uploaded, all it is, is a resave and upload, i got no console spam or anything so i have no idea what would have caused it but map is working fine, check plugins maybe if the resave doesnt work. otherwise i dont know what to tell you.

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13 minutes ago, Immp77 said:

Changed Status from Pending to Can't Reproduce

Changed Fixed In to 1.0.9

Ok thanks then, I'm not sure either haha. I tried like 3 other custom maps I personally made and no errors, but drop this one in and it hates me haha. But I'll just continue with it and see what happens. Thanks so much!

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did you try the new version? and being a cold type map can be a pain sometimes i just couldnt get it to toss any console spam at me and that was just running the map with zero plugins

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