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Stationary Bots willnot deaggro

Pending 2.1.1

Hey Steen, so i took a quick clip of whats going on with stationary bots on a custom profile i have. ive set aggro range to 20 deaggro is 30. the bots will not stop shooting myself or a player no matter how far away they are as long as theres a clear LoS. it also doesnt seem to matter how much time passes between being in and out of LoS. i can aggro a bot, move to 200m away and still be shot at. i can move out of its LoS for 5 min or 50min and as soon as i come back into LoS its shooting me again. ive upload a quick vid to my youtube to help showcase the issue unless im doing something wrong?


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Thanks for the video. I'll take a look at it.
I was pretty sure their 'built in' deaggro would make them forget you after LOS is lost for X (no idea how long) but if you say you can break LOS for minutes and they're still on you I'll code something in to fix that.

Thanks again.

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