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There is a bug in 1.0.3: NPCs only use rockets

No Response 1.0.3


This is a newly discovered fact after the update.
Up to 1.0.2, if you gave an NPC a gun and a rocket, they used the gun and the rocket alternately.
However, starting with 1.0.3, NPCs have become idiots who only use rockets, even if they have guns.

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There's been or testing or attempts to make any weapons work except for normal bullet and melee weapons so far.
Unlike with BotSpawn, I do have plans to add in use of the more unusual weapons in time but, for now, the npcs are really only expected to use normal guns and slashers.

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It's sad that a feature that worked well up to 1.0.2 disappeared with the update. I hope it will be added soon. I recommend alternating rockets and M249s at higher tiers of my bots. more hardcore.

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Some of these other weapons are unpredictable and can cause errors, so I want to make sure I've implemented them properly, and tested thoroughly, before allowing/recommending them.
It's going to be fun, though, if they're running around shooting rockets!!

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Well, to be precise, so far, it's been working pretty well. It's surprising that even the developers didn't know. NPCs could use rockets, alternating between rockets and guns depending on distance.

In particular, the rocket's accuracy was low, so the balance was pretty good.
Occasionally, it self-destructs with a rocket, providing fun to users.
I think it would be nice to be able to switch between rockets and guns (just like before).

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