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a bit laborious handling adding multiple spawnpoints

No Response 1.0.2

Is it in any way possible to add single spawnpoints with a chat command like Botspawn had before? It is quite difficult to add many single spawnpoints for just one profile by walking through a monument and always click through the gui, add another spawnpoint, close the gui, walk to the next spawnpoint and click through the gui again to add another spawnpoint.
Otherwise, if it where possible to open the gui and move around inside a monument while the gui is still open, could be another option.

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This has been a very popular request already.
I'll be adding in a way to use a console command again, so it can be keybound.

Most likely the approach will be open ui > select profile > click 'add spawn points by command'
then close UI and use your command/keybind to add the points.


Thanks for the request!

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Thanks in advance. 
Just one another question to the config...
the option "APC_Safe": true seems not to work, the npcs are run over by the bradley on my server.
is that already been reported?

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Yes, it has but thanks!
They are APC_Safe in so much as it won't target them but you're quite right - It can still run them over.
I'll be working in a fix for that in the near future.


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