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Bots are always in motion. This takes up server resources.

Closed 1.0.2

Well, presumably, earlier versions of the Bot wouldn't move and didn't do anything if there were no players around.

And steen said before.
160? 200? I can't remember exactly, but I said that when a player enters within that range, the bot starts moving, and when it comes into aggro range, the bot starts firing.

The bots are moving in unison, and taking action across the entire server area. The ai works even when no one is around. We expect this to make the BotSpawn quite heavy and use a lot of server resources.

Please re-enable this feature. I observed the NPCs from 300m away but they keep moving, walking and doing something with or without a player.

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The option to have npcs motionless when there are no players around was always a server convar, rather than an option in BotSpawn.

It was either ai_dormant or ai.dormant - I can't remember which.
I haven't actually checked to see if it governs these newer npcs, but I'd expect so.


If not, I'll find out if there's another convar to do that job, or something I can add to BotReSpawn.

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On 8/18/2021 at 2:56 PM, Halbox said:

Yea they have some kind of hibernation mode and just start moving when un-vanished players come closer, that's normal behaviour (I think it's kinda resource saving that way)



thank you. Many users say that plugins are heavy. I'm pretty sure it's probably because of this. NPCs keep moving even when the player is not around. This is also detected by the Admin Radar.

After opening the server, limiting the number of people, and looking at the NPC with the Admin Radar on the server where I am alone, the NPC continues to move even from 500 meters away.

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Have you checked ai_dormant/ai.dormant in console to see if it's enabled?


I'll check for myself, to confirm it applies, later on.

If it doesn't, I'll come up with an alternative.

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