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bots aren't shooting

No Response 1.0.2

My bots are all set up and they are roaming around but they wont pull their guns out and shoot at anyone. Even once they are shot at. they just run away.

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I noticed that they were grabbing the medical syringe first or bandages so moved those into their inventory and made sure to turn peace keeper off. They seem to be working fine now. But that's exactly what they were doing. I just made sure their only option on the weapon belt was a weapon. 

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that means editing every kit for every npc that i have the kits already made for. All of his already worked in the previous plugin. It should not even be an issue. 

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That's what I had to do. I had over 200 kits to edit but I changed some things up and they're actually better now. I could be wrong and that isn't it at all. 

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As of V1.0.3 the plugin will automatically remove those non-weapon items from the npcs kit.

(not from your actual kit...just from the npcs belt)

The npc, at present, can't use things like syringes and bandages and their presence can only cause issues,
but now, at least, you don't have to remove them yourself - The plugin will make sure the npc has weapons-only.

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