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Plugin will not auto load & error

Closed 1.3.3

Hello FoxMods! sorry to be a bother > _ > Gomena.
the Plugin will not auto load for me, i have to manually load it. when i type plugins in console, i get this on the description and i have to auto load the plugin each tome now i reboot the server.



BankHeist - Failed to compile: BankHeist.cs(908,49): error CS1929: Type `Oxide.Plugins.HumanNPC' does not contain a member `Distance' and the best extension method overload `UnityEngine.RayEx.Distance(this UnityEngine.Ray, UnityEngine.Vector3)' requires an instance of type `UnityEngine.Ray'


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6 hours ago, FoxMods said:

Changed Status from Pending to Work in Progress

you rock!!! ^_^
please, take your time FoxMod. dont wear yourself out.
i know FP has been disgustingly rough this wipe with everyone.

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@FoxModsif you changed it to HumanNPC if you use the HumanNPC plugin it will use its code and throw errors on the new npc which is allso called HumanNPC

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