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Kits Version?

No Response 1.0.2

Which Kits mod is compatible with BotReSpawn. Kits 1.0.24 By Mevent or Rust Kits by k1lly0u or some other kits mod?

k1lly0u Rust Kits worked with the old BotSpawn, but I'm having trouble getting kits on BotReSpawn.  Also, do pickaxes not count as mele weapons? Kits with tools don't show up in the list to choose from in the BotReSpawn UI.

I tried using the UI to add kits and tried manually entering kits in the data config, but still can't get it to work. Does BotReSpawn use the default kits chat command?

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It's tested and written for the current public version of Kits from uMod, by K1lly0u.

I'm not sure if it will, or should, work with other releases - It just depends if other author's are including the same API as K1ll's copy.


Pickaxes - Yes, I think you're right. I do have a valid-weapon check in place at the minute, so Kits with no valid weapon are not shown,
but I might have been a bit literal with that...
I'll write in some sort of exemption for certain tools, like hatchets and pickaxes.

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