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I was thinking of purchasing this add-on before programming one of my own.

Now that facepunch is going to integrate a more decent first person camera I thought it would be great if while specifying players to see their UKN-style rollback pattern, which your plugin already does using a command.

I wonder how difficult it will be to make it compatible so that it automatically activates on the player you are viewing. I don't know if there are any kind of hooks in oxide that can help with this task, but I certainly think it is an interesting feature to incorporate.

I leave it there in case you want to give it a spin and implement it if you see it possible. Otherwise I will try to find out on my own once I buy it later.

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- 1. I have never bought your complement.
- 2. I did not buy it basically because I saw that it had not been updated since March and it was too expensive for our budget.
- 3. Given the lack of response around here I finally decided to continue building my own version since since I saw the first new person we came up with the idea to incorporate a UKN-style viewer for the administration of my servers.
- 4. Sorry to tell you, we are not the only developers who have made a reverse viewer either.
- 5. From what I see now it seems that you recently released an update, I am glad for that that you are back in business.


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