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help please

Closed 2.3.0

On 11/3/2021 at 7:29 AM, I.M. Not A Catfisher said:

how do i add new items to the crafting list?

and can the outpost sentry turrets be crafted?

          "Enabled": true,
          "Image": "https://i.imgur.com/LVfBuXF.png",
          "Title": "Turret",
          "Description": "",
          "Command (to give an item)": "giveturret",
          "Permission (ex: crafts.vip)": "crafts.all",
          "Display Name": "Turret",
          "Shortname": "electric.flasherlight",
          "Amount": 1,
          "Skin": 1587601905,
          "Type (Item/Command/Vehicle/Recycler)": "Vehicle",
          "Prefab": "assets/content/props/sentry_scientists/sentry.scientist.static.prefab",
          "Command on give": "",
          "Workbench Level": 1,
          "Distance Check": true,
          "Distance": 1.5,
          "Place the ground": true,
          "Place the structure": true,
          "Items For Craft": [
              "Image": "",
              "Shortname": "gears",
              "Amount": 5,
              "Skin": 0,
              "Title (empty - default)": null
              "Image": "",
              "Shortname": "roadsigns",
              "Amount": 5,
              "Skin": 0,
              "Title (empty - default)": null
              "Image": "",
              "Shortname": "metal.fragments",
              "Amount": 2000,
              "Skin": 0,
              "Title (empty - default)": null
          "For Modular Car": null


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