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server wont load after prefab install

Closed 1.0.0 1.0.0


I am running a custom map that was working until I installed 2 prefabs that I purchased . They are "Dragon with spheretank" and "yawning dragon". I'm not sure which is causing the issue. I've also contacted the map creator to see if it's a permission thing.


My user is Gus Meadows

[email protected]

Valhalla_has_beer#5174 @discord



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I am sorry I did not respond sooner, I am testing it, to see if it id not loading because of version mismatch. It was built in an older version of rust edit, so it needs to be updated periodically to be compliant.

I sent you a newer save of the yawning dragon, let me know if you still have any problems.


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Changed Fixed In to 1.0.0,

The file was updated to work with the latest version of rustedit, and tested on a local server.

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