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Helicopter behavior

Closed 1.9.84

I've been told by several players that the helicopter called in by this has a tendancy to go off and target players that aren't part of the event.

I have the Patrol helicopter rework plugin also on my server if that makes a difference.

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My plug-in doesn't affect the Patrol Helicopter behavior, it only increases the detection level of the threat.

Each player has a threat level and, if you enable all parameters in the config file:

  • Being wounded reduce your threat to 0,
  • Being hostile set your threat to 10,
  • Being on the airfield set your threat to 10,
  • You threat is set to 0 if none of them.

That's all.

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I don't think you understand. What I'm saying is that possibly the Patrol helicopter rework is affecting the helicopter called in on this plugin. I've had several reports from players that the helicopter will come in on your plugin and stay in the area for about 5 minutes (maybe less?) and then it leaves the area. After it's left the area, several players have been attacked by it under conditions that they'd be attacked by the vanilla helicopter.

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7 hours ago, Mælep said:

Maybe something on the map affect player threat.

Have you enabled the Airfield parameter? If so, @DezLifedo you use the Airfield monument on your map?



If the map affected the player threat, the other non-cobalt event helicopters would act the same. It's only the helicopter from this event that will go off and attack players as per normal vanilla behavior after hanging out at the event for about 5 minutes. The plugin I previously mentioned changes the attack heli behavior to only attack a hostile player. 

I do not have the airfield parameter enabled. 

I've disabled the spawning of the heli so it's not a huge concern of mine right now, but I wanted to make it known that this might be an issue.

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Ok, my bad! I thought that Cobalt Laboratory was a map that why I didn't understand the problem 😝

So I confirm that the bug doesn't come from my plug-in because it only change player threat.


I think this plug-in use something other that makes players are attacked by the helicopter from the event.

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