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Bots standing still

Pending 2.2.0

Ok so apologies if this has been addressed previously, but for the life of me I cannot find a solution to the exact issue I am having.


The bots only move around if a player is visible and within 200m, they just stand still otherwise (also stand still if player is invisible and within 200m).


Is this a Rust thing or a BotSpawn thing to save server lag? If it's a BotSpawn thing is there a way to turn it off or at least adjust the distance (cannot find a setting for it in BotSpawn config for it)? 


It just seems easy to pick them off 1 by 1 if you're just outside of the 200m range then run in (unless the repsawn timer is quick).


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It's a server setting - ai.dormant.
Put ai.dormant false into rcon, server window, or f1 console as admin and that should sort it out.

You can add it to the server start up config to make it persistent.

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