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would it be possible to add other types of expol to use on giant node?

Closed 1.0.1 1.0.2

HI as per title 

maybe add explo ammo and other explosive to config?

or a way of adding any ammo/explosive type by short name?

 thanks for any help 🙂 

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You can add any type of entity into the damage list.
If you want to add like "incendiary rocket" just type in console "spawn rocket" and you should get entity list like:

Then you can add "rocket_fire" into config and configure damage. 

About ammo damage. I didn't though about that. But i can investigate this and add that in next update.

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Added support for explosive ammo.

If you generated your config already, you will get 2 new options:

  "Big Meteor - Explosive Ammo - Allow": true,
  "Big Meteor - Explosive Ammo - Max Distance From Rock": 50.0

If you want to use explosive ammo you also need to add value "ammo.rifle.explosive" into Explosive Config:

  "Big Meteor - Explosive Config": {
    "explosive.timed.deployed": {
      "Damage Dealt": 50.0,
      "Resource Multiplier": 1.0
    "rocket_basic": {
      "Damage Dealt": 50.0,
      "Resource Multiplier": 1.0
    "ammo.rifle.explosive": {
      "Damage Dealt": 50.0,
      "Resource Multiplier": 1.0

If there will be any performance issues (new damage is made in tricky way) message me as fast as possible! 

Thank You for your idea, and have a wonderful day! 🙂

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