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i just want to block items

Pending 1.1.2

Hey there,

the idea of the plugin is great, but the documentation is not (in my opinion).

I just want to block/blacklist certain items - they should never been found, not in corpses, not in crates, ... so is just added the shortnames to the default.json in the data-folder and restarted the server... and i could still find the blacklisted items. 

its the easiest task, but i am not able to do so... so whats the problem? what am i overlooking?

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In oxide/config/CustomLoot.json I set "enabled" to true for every single entry in CorpseTypes and ContainerTypes.

In the oxide/data/CustomLoot/default.json I added about 160 items to the BlackList. After reloading the plugin or even restarting the server the blacklisted items can still be found in crates and corpses. 

Can anyone tell me what i am missing?

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CustomLoot settings don't operate on vanilla loot - I.E. You can't just use it to blacklist items from the regular loot.
You have to use CustomLoot to create your own custom loot tables, each of which has a black list, then assign those custom loot tables to specific container/corpse types.
If you just want a server-wide item blacklist plugin and nothing more, there are probably much more suitable plugins available.

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