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Cannot Edit Custom To Murderer

Pending 2.0.5

I have the botspawn and installed just fine. I can add a "custom" locations and make it spawn fine. If I edit the default_custom_profiles json and set AUtospawn and murderer to True it will no longer find that custom "profile"

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Thanks for quick response. I did you lower case letters in the file edit. I just went and tried it again. Made a new custom profile, spawned them using the /botspawn spawn xx command and worked fine. Then edited file to murderer true, reloaded the plugin and tried to manually spawn them and it says there is no profile by that name.

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I can't replicate it here so I can only guess maybe you're making a mistake when editing the data file?
Watch server console as you reload BotSpawn - It should show warnings or errors if there's a mistake.

https://jsonlint.com is very useful for making sure json files are valid.

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