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NPCs not spawning with items set in data file

Pending 1.0.6

Just configured the plugin for the exact loot that I wanted on the scientist ... (custom loot table) called scientist and their bodies are empty. I have disabled the Loot Profiles in Alphaloot for the NPCs to see if there might be a a conflict of plugins. once I did that I retested to see if that would fix the issue and I still get the same result. After disabling, CustomLoot the items have appeared on their bodies but only vanilla items. Can you tell me how to fix this problem ?

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As long a the corpse/container type is set enabled: true in config, and the specific loot table has at least one category with > 0 probability, and that category has at least one item with > 0 probability, CustomLoot will spawn items.

Check those three things are true for some corpse/container type and see how that goes.

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Ensure that your loot table is working by assigning it to some box you can test easily.
If it works as you expect then I'd unload all plugins (oxide.unload *) then just load BotSpawn and CustomLoot and test your npcs again.
Chances are some other plugin is wiping their inventory after CustomLoot does its thing.

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