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Bradley_crate not spawning if comes from bradley

Pending 1.1.1

Love the plugin, been using a few months.

New issue arose this month. I got BradleyTiers, and it would only spawn vanilla crates. I'm working with Krungh Crow right now, but I think it's a bug with CustomLoot now. I've uninstalled his plugin for testing, so I'm only working with vanilla Bradley.

If I F1 spawn bradley_crate, it gives me the loot I'm expecting based on this plugin and loot tables.

If I spawn in a vanilla bradley and kill it, I get vanilla crates. I do see those crates are named "bradleycrate" instead of with _, not sure if that matters.


There is the video of me spawning in a crate and it working. Here is a screenshot of what I spawned in with 10 items, vs vanilla crates from dead Bradley.


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Would you mind unloading all plugins then loading CustomLoot on its own, then testing with your spawned APC?

`oxide.unload *`
`oxide.load CustomLoot`


The crate names are taken from the game and updated automatically, so I can't see that being wrong.
Even if they'd introduced a new crate with similar name, both would show in config and I'm only seeing the one,
so unless some other plugin is fighting with CustomLoot, I think it should be working.

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Ok, so I duplicated the server and loaded in CustomLoot, then plugins about 10 at a time, each time blowing up a bradley and checking for 10 items per crate with radar. 

It seems that LootDefender is at least part of the problem, I can't seem to find a setting that is blocking anything from changing the crates, but when this plugin is loaded, CustomLoot doesn't change the crate items, almost like it is locked out also. I tested repeatedly and can reproduce it every time.

I posted on the plugin help page, hopefully there is a workaround - https://umod.org/community/loot-defender/37597-issue-allowing-other-plugins-to-change-loot-after-crates-spawn-from-bradley

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Thanks for the update.
I also tested here and can confirm that the bradley crates are getting CustomLoot without issue, whether console spawned or spawned from bradley death.

It looks like that plugin you mentioned is locking the crates for a period of time which, I guess, is preventing CustomLoot from modifying them.
Worst case I can have CustomLoot check if they're locked and, if so, unlock, fill, and lock again.

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Worst case I can have CustomLoot check if they're locked and, if so, unlock, fill, and lock again.

I don't mind paying for the support for doing this. I really do like the customization of your plugin and would like to not have to set it all up again with a new plugin.

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Oh, I see what it is.
I have CustomLoot ignoring crates with OwnerID other than 0 (default),
and LootDefender is setting the OwnerID for those crates.

I imagine I probably did that for a reason so I'm not sure I want to undo it in the public version, but this copy should solve the issue for you.


For future reference, if it works, I just removed two lines at around line 128

if (container?.OwnerID != 0 && !(container is SupplyDrop))


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0 would be assigned to any crate spawned by the server.
Some plugins assign a specific user's ID to track ownership - say if it's a reward or something like that.

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