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npc support?

Closed 1.0.0 1.0.1


hmm not sure but it is written in covalence so the



command might work on the npc 🙂

Pls let me know if that is working otherwise ill ask the codefling cew for some help with that but in theory that should allready work

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Hmmm. I think I may be doing something wrong then. So I'm using Human NPC and NPC tp to run the command. The npc will interact with me, yet the bonemarket menu does not come up. Here is my bit of code for the npc that I want to run the bonemarket. 


  "NpcTP": {
    "6116152832": {
      "NpcName": "<color=#ffff00>Boneguy</color> : ",
      "SpawnFile": null,
      "Cooldown": 0,
      "CanUse": true,
      "useUI": false,
      "Cost": 0.0,
      "permission": "npctp.default",
      "useItem": false,
      "UseCommand": true,
      "useMessage": false,
      "MessageNpc": "none",
      "EnableDead": false,
      "DeadOnPlayer": false,
      "DeadCmd": "jail.send",
      "DeadArgs": "5",
      "OpenDoor": false,
      "DoorLocX": 0.0,
      "DoorLocY": 0.0,
      "DoorLocZ": 0.0,
      "DoorId": 0,
      "NoPermKill": false,
      "KillSleep": false,
      "Commands": {
        "bonemarket": {
          "Command": "bonemarket",
          "Arrangements": "",
          "OnPlayer": true
      "Items": {}


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ok got some help with it and made it work

- set up as normal (no command needed to add)
- BoneMarket will takeover when you interact with the npc.
- Added some cfg settings

  "NPC Vendor settings": {
    "Use NPC shop": true,
    "NPC Id's": [

adding some more checks but its working 🙂


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