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Lock vehicles don't work

Closed 1.0.8 1.0.9


(10:02:05) | Unloaded plugin Lock Vehicles v1.0.8 by Julio Juajez

(10:02:05) | Loaded plugin Lock Vehicles v1.0.8 by Julio Juajez

(10:02:13) | Group 'default' granted permission 'lockvehicles.claim'

(10:02:16) | Group 'default' granted permission 'lockvehicles.use'


Purchased minicopter/scraptransport at bandit, /claim vehicles and everyone can take...


Purchased a vehicles from store (/s) and can't own my vehicles (2nd screenshot)





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Changed Status from Pending to Work in Progress

Hello, sorry for the wait.


I will look at this in detail but it seems to me that when you buy it from the bandit camp, you are already the owner of the vehicle. I will look and update the plugin shortly to add also the submarines

Edited by Julio Ruajez

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