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rotation of the clerks

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7 hours ago, DutchPrelude said:

how to set the rotation ? 
because no mater how i stand when i spawn the clerks they all face the same way 


The ones that are auto filled? You can adjust them in the data file. I am gonna add a command so you can get the ID of the one you are looking at, stay tuned.

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its the one's i place my self i figured out that with some tinkering with the numers they rotate 
but its not easy 😄

and i found out that they tend to go invisible
you can stil interact but cant see them 

a reload of the plugin helps but that should not be the point 

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and if its possible i would love to see a bridge between this plugin and the bounty one 

so if you rob a store you get a bounty on your head 

the IQHeadReward plugin has an api for it 

i would love to have that option and would love to pay extra for it 

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Awesome thanks for the feedback I am currently working on an optimization and cleanup which I will look into the invisible shit. Thanks a lot, just watch out for the update here soon!


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