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points per hit

No Response 3.0.3

A user told me today that if he collects stone or something else, he gets points per hit.  Not only when everything is dismantled.  Is that possible?  It is not the case with every user.  I have not assigned any multiplier or special rights.  Everything on default.  I looked at the eco points.  Some have 1K but others have well over 50k in short play time.

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I don't think so?

The reward for ore farming is given OnDispenserBonus, which only fires upon completion as far as I know,
but there's also code there to prevent giving out rewards twice for the same node because metal nodes give metal + HQM bonus and trigger the hook twice.

I am using OnDispenserGather hook but only for flesh and trees.

If you're sure it's happening please do let me know but, at a glance, no; I don't think that's happening.

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think found the bug.

Bank System from Mevent.

  "Tracking Settings": {
    "Cost Table (shortname - cost)": {
      "sulfur.ore": 0.5,
      "metal.ore": 0.5,
      "hq.metal.ore": 0.5,
      "stones": 0.5,
      "crate_elite": 10.0,
      "crate_normal": 7.0,
      "crate_normal_2": 4.0

This doubled everything. Everything seems right now.

Can be closed.

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