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Multiple kits

Closed 1.0.0 1.0.1

Done... delete Config though.. causes error otherwise..

take note of formatting in the config

  "KitName": ["autokit","poop","bum"]


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I like, just 1 small problem. It's not random. It selects the kits in order. Meaning everyone will be awarded the first kit in the list, which defeats the purpose of multiple kits 😉 I've ran the clear command & killed myself like 60+ times & it does in fact award you the kits in order & not randomly selecting. 


Edit, never mind. I wasn't paying attention. I had to set the custom autokit in kits & set each to 0 for them to be random & your plugin makes sure they only get awarded 1 kit only until I reset. 


Edited by VsUK

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started freaking then 😄

Kits?.Call($"GiveKit", player, configData.KitName[new System.Random().Next(configData.KitName.Count())]);

Random baby yeah 😄

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