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control panel is not where it should be

Not a Bug 2.0.0

What's your resolution? Are you playing in windowed mode?

It isn't a bug, you have to set your game resolution and restart your game. UIs acts weird when changing the resolution or screen mode while playing.

Also, the white and yellow background should not exists meaning your game has been modified or some files are corrupted.

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I play normally in full screen mode 1920x1080 There have been no changes recently The server was shut down before the installation and then restarted as it should. So I am not aware of any errors that could have led to it.

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That's weird because I never had this bug before, no one customer reported me this bug and none of the players on my server have reported it. I'll check the file and come back to you tomorrow morning.


Have you restarted your game? (not the server)

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Ok, I found the "bug".

The plugin is working great but the problem comes from your UI Scale.

From the screenshot you sent, I see too much space at the right of the screen meaning you have changed your UI Scale (graphics.uiscale 1.0) and plugins don't supports custom UI Scale because it's client side, we can't know which scale you're using.

I'll think of an update.

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Hi, I have now also found the error, but unfortunately too late .... since I couldn't find the error, I completely threw Rust off my computer and reinstalled it via Steam. After that everything looked really good and everything went well .... well and then I looked for the error in the game settings that you mentioned ...... well, moral of the story, never let your wife use your computer, you turns everything around and stupid So no bug in the plugin, sorry for the stress of the bug for which you couldn’t help but maybe this has resulted in an improvement for the mod so maybe it had something positive


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Yes, the good point is that you make me search for a way to improve my UI development and I found a solution to make my plugins scaling with custom resolution and scale so, even though I was very scared because I didn't understand where the bug came from, thank you.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any problems!

Good luck for you project!


Changed Status from Pending to Not a Bug

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