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Cannot change user interface

Closed 1.0.18

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Tried changing the user interface directly from .cs and from .json , nothing seems to work.

Width = 770,
                Height = 500,
                CategoriesOnString = 14,
                CategoriesMargin = 7.5f,
                CategoriesHeight = 10,
                ItemsOnString = 4,
                Strings = 2,
                ItemWidth = 150,
                ItemHeight = 165,
                Margin = 35,
                UseScrollCategories = false,
                EnableSearch = true,
                RoundDigits = 5

How to add player time spend on server, like server rewards has ?


Discord for questions ?


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Managed to change user inferface by, editing .cs file and deleting the .json and reloading the plugin again.

Added command /s but cannot be used, also removed the /s command from server Rewards. My question is why is not /s command work?

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Got everything above to work. There is a problem with RP Points not being added to the shop points. What can the problem be there. My settings.

  "Commands": [
  "Load images when logging into the server?": true,
  "Work with Notify?": true,
  "Can admins edit? (by flag)": true,
  "Delay between loading images": 1.0,
  "Economy": {
    "Type (Plugin/Item)": "Plugin",
    "Plugin name": "ServerRewards",
    "Balance add hook": "AddPoints",
    "Balance remove hook": "TakePoints",
    "Balance show hook": "CheckPoints",
    "ShortName": "scrap",
    "Display Name (empty - default)": "",
    "Skin": 0

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