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Add Group Levels using Better Chat?

Closed 3.0.2

Could someone give me an example of how to add the group modifiers in this so they coincide with the Better Chat Groups.  Right now I have ex. VIP, VIP1 and VIP2.

"Group_Multipliers: {
	"Default": 1.0

Would it change to just:

"Group_Multipliers: {
	"Default": 1.0,
	"VIP": 2.0,
	"VIP1": 3.0,
	"VIP2": 4.0

Again, this is an example, but would it be formatted the same?  Or would I need to add something like "betterchat.VIP": 2.0,   etc..

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You just add the names of the groups and the multiplier you want.
I don't know BetterChat but I'd guess what you've pasted above is correct. If the groups are called "VIP", "VIP1" etc, then that is correct

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I may have found the solution!  It appears my config file for the plugin had all the code removed and contained a single word.  "Null."  Lol, I deleted it and reinstalled the addon.  Will let you know the results.


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