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Conflicts with other plugins?

Pending 2.1.9

Are there any known conflicts with other plugins that spawn or control bots or their kits?   I am having some unknown issue(s) causing BotSpawn to spawn ONLY scientists, not murderers at any location on the map regardless of my data file settings.   I am also using PlaguedMurderers and ZombieHorde plugins.  As far as kits go, the spawned scientists are not wearing their assigned kits either.   I have NPCKits, RustKits and BotWeapons plugins in use.   I am using the "Random" setting for spawns rather than SpawnsDatabase.  I use a plugin for randomizing spawn points for zombies and players rather than setting spawn points manually.  I even tried increasing the global number of murderers and scientists by putting the convar in my batch file but still none are spawning.

Other questions also about BotSpawn - in the data file where it says "Allow Rust Loot Percent:" 100;  if I change that value what happens when I am using BetterLoot plugin for my loot tables?  I tried changing to zero and to 50% but the spawned bots still have either NO loot at all (set at zero percent) or very poor/sparse loot (set at 50%) on them.  I do not want default Rust loot, I want the loot from BetterLoot.  I am trying to avoid having to manually place loot on all my bots and just allow BetterLoot loot tables to populate the lootable inventory but I can't seem to figure out how to make that happen. 

Also, if I put both AutoSpawn scientist and murderers value to "true" and set a number to spawn for example at "5", how does BotSpawn spawn those?   Is it divided between the two or do 5 of each type spawn?

Lastly, is there a debug setting I can enable to possibly see what errors are happening?  No error messages are occuring in my console or RCON console relating to any bots/NPC spawns.

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That's a lot of stuff that could potentially overlap.
I'd strip it back to BotSpawn and ZombieHorde and get those working as you want. Remove everything else you mentioned.

Changing server convars for npc population shouldn't affect BotSpawn or (I guess) ZombieHorde as those plugins are spawning and maintaining their own populations.
The same for plugins which alter or randomise spawn points - BotSpawn is getting its own spawnpoints or using ones you specified.
I imagine ZombieHorde is similar.


AutoSpawn : true/false is whether or not this profile will spawn npcs automatically.

Murderer : true/false is whether or not the spanwed npcs will be murderer type. (False will be scientist).

Each profile spawns either scientists or murderers. Not a mix.



Allow_Rust_Loot_Percent dictates whether or not BotSpawn will remove the corpse loot that Facepunch puts there by default.

Some loot plugins may empty containers before filling them, or just add loot on top of what's there, or even give you that choice.
Something to keep in mind.


I have no idea if BetterLoot puts loot on npc corpses or not - That's something you'd have to look up or ask but, certainly, CustomLoot (by me, on Codefling), is capable of using a custom loot table per BotSpawn profile if that's something you're interested in.
You can also keep it simple and just have one loot table for "BotSpawn" if you like. The choice is yours.

Regarding debug output, BotSpawn should tell you what you need to know.
If there's some problem with a kit or you're using custom spawn points but don't have enough of them, BotSpawn will tell you in console.


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