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NPCs wont de-aggro and scientist flashlights wont turn on

Closed 2.1.0

hey Steen, first off AWESOME plug in. so i have everything working just fine with npcs spawning/roaming/stationary and their damage/aggro custom settings as well all work excellent. the only thing im noticing is that Scientist NPCs seem to never De-aggro if theyre set to stationary. also i cant get their flashlights to turn on even with the "AlwaysUseLights": true, set. i can upload a vid of the stationary scientists not breaking aggro if needed.

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I've had a few people asking about disengage/deaggro. I'll take a look at it next time test server is up.

I'm not aware of any issue with flashlights but I'll double-check that with stationary npcs while I'm there.


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