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Pending 2.1.9

Hello. I have set ServerRewardsValue to 1 for the murders I placed with BotSpawn. I get no rewards. I'm using Economics. Is there something else I need to do? I also have Rust Rewards but with that, both scientists and murderers placed with Bot Spawn get the same rewards, which I don't want. 

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You're mixing up a few different plugins.

ServerRewards value from BotSpawn uses the ServerRewards plugin.
Economics is a different plugin although the next version of BotSpawn will support that in the same way.

I'll ensure that both accept a floating point value so you can give 0.* rewards.


RustRewards is a totally separate thing and gives out its own ServerRewards, Economics, or Scrap.
It has its own values and multipliers, all adjustable through its config, and it does support BotSpawn, although it treats all BotSpawn npcs equally.

The advantage to giving out the rewards via BotSpawn is that you can do it per-profile so the next update of BotSpawn is probably the best solution for you.

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When I tried setting the rewards to 0.25, there was an error in my console. I don't have that error handy right now though. I will await the next release to allow me to get Rust Rewards based on each profile.

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"Rust Rewards based on each profile."
No, that's not an option.

RustRewards can give a global BotSpawn reward - it doesn't know, or care, if it's murderer/scientist or what profile it is.


BotSpawn itself will offer ServerRewards and/or Economics, and will support floating point, in the next version. 🙂

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