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Custom spawn points get wiped after any change to profile

Pending 2.1.9



For some reason, if I make any change to a custom profile after I have given it a parent monument, it will remove any custom spawnpoints. Even if it's just changing the bots name. 

Loaded plugin BotSpawn v2.1.9 by Steenamaroo
[BotSpawn] Parent_Monument added for JunkyardBandits. Removing any existing custom spawn points

In that snippet, the only thing I changed was added a BotName. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug? Cheers.

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The only explanation I can think of is if you're keeping the data file open in your editor and making changes but it's not up to date.

If you were to open it, set parent monument, reload BotSpawn (see the message from your post),
then continue editing to make some other changes, the data file wont be up to date with the Parent_Monument related info that it auto-saves at the bottom.

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