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Closed 2.0.9

I'm having a hard time loading your map. I've been looking at the gamelog.txt file and I see the map does indeed try to load but chokes at around the 6500 area in the asset warmup. Not sure if it's on my end or maybe something else. If you need anything from me please let me know def willing to help out with anything needed to help me get this resolved. Thank you very much.

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I just tried loading it up and had problems with the asset warmup aswell, but its not until after that when it loads the actual map, so I think its something non map related and I managed to get it loading up after a few tries

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If you need help with it Im available to help you in a voicechat and perhaps you could stream your screen when we try and fix it.

I can be found on discord name: !Deeplyfri3d#1813

Im available for about 2 more hours before heading to bed

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