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No Response 2.10.5

I had this running at some point, but when I just came back to it I can't start the maze anymore. The CUI opens when I enter /maze but after I click play, server console only returns this:


25/07 10:20:56 | [aMAZEingPro] (Flenser) Initialized new Maze for Flenser/76561198315288255...

25/07 10:20:56 | [aMAZEingPro] (Flenser) Mode: Easy

25/07 10:20:56 | [aMAZEingPro] (Flenser) Maze: 15x15

25/07 10:20:56 | [aMAZEingPro] Created zone: 76561198315288255_-1503679328_Spectate

25/07 10:20:56 | [aMAZEingPro] Created zone: 76561198315288255_-1503679328

25/07 10:20:56 | NullReferenceException

I have reinstalled the .dll and the latest update. I have removed all data files. Still the same

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