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Locked Crate Bots Explode!

Pending 2.1.9


This is for crates that spawn by default on land monuments. I am having this issue where the 2 scientists that I have spawn at a hackable locked crate explode. As soon as the locked crate starts to get hacked, The 2 scientists spawn then 4 seconds after they spawn they explode. Then I get a message in console "xxxx name [1234567] was killed by Explosion"

I also get the same "sometimes" not all the time, with the Airdrop bots I have spawn for the Airdrop. I have it set to spawn 1 bot per Airdrop crate. I will attach my data/default-DefaultProfiles.json

If you need any more info just let me know.

Any help would be appreciated!  😉


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They're exploding after the "Suicide_Timer" duration which you have set to 0.

The suicide timer is there because there's nothing capping the max population of airdrop/hackedcrate/toplayer npcs.
With the right circumstances a server could become overrun with npcs.


Suicide timer isn't used for population-controlled npcs - Only Airdrop, hackable crate, '/to player' command, and spawn calls by command or from other plugins.

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