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some Bugs or suggestions

Closed 2.1

- the vending machines at the gas stations are not at the wall (guess thats not intended)

- there are 8 Invisible VMs at Millford Gas Station, but you can only acces 4 of them, the others you need a really wierd angle to enter

- the SAM Sites at Central are a bit inside the roof

- at Uncharted Valley, there is a SAM Site thats inside the Cliff, dont know if thats intended

- one of the cave entrances at Devils Island has a open spot to get under the map, if you enter it, you directly get an Inside Terrain Violation Kick

- the northern part of Hilltown is a bit to high up

-the Bradley Path at Central sometimes lead through a Forest, maybe you should get rid of the forest topology there that trees couldnt grow there

(thats just some things my players noticed, while playing)


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Hi Tim! Thank you for reaching me about those issues. I will release a patch today to fix them and add some improvements. 

Edited by SKIROW

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You're very welcome Tim! The VMs was a project I had for my server but because I couldn't their icones on the map I removed from all gas stations. I just forgot the ones at Milford 😉 Enjoy the map and if you have any question or anything, you can contact me on Twitter, Steam and/or Dicord.

Best regards,


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