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Calling 'OnEntityTakeDamage' spam

Closed 1.0.67


Im getting spam in my console for the hook call 'OnEntityTakeDamage' after setting up this plugin to protect player bases from online and offline raiding with 48 hours of offline protection

console is spammed with: Calling "OnEntityTakeDamage' on 'NextGenPVE v1.0.67' took average 1006ms

all the ms outputs are around 1000-1100

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By the way, this was auto-closed.  I only just got access again to the support tool.  However, this plugin is pretty busy depending on the number and complexity of plugins, player and entity count, etc.  I am not aware of any way to prevent this error message since it comes from Rust and/or Oxide and not directly from the plugin.

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I also get this error


Failed to call hook 'OnEntityTakeDamage' on plugin 'NextGenPVE v1.0.70' (NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object) at Oxide.Plugins.NextGenPVE.EvaluateRulesets (BaseEntity source, BaseEntity target, System.String& stype, System.String& ttype) [0x00481] in <924b4ab3a0df4e859ca6619363cab927>:0 at Oxide.Plugins.NextGenPVE.OnEntityTakeDamage (BaseCombatEntity entity, HitInfo hitinfo) [0x000b7] in <924b4ab3a0df4e859ca6619363cab927>:0 at Oxide.Plugins.NextGenPVE.DirectCallHook (System.String name, System.Object& ret, System.Object[] args) [0x0079e] in <924b4ab3a0df4e859ca6619363cab927>:0 at Oxide.Plugins.CSharpPlugin.InvokeMethod (Oxide.Core.Plugins.HookMethod method, System.Object[] args) [0x00079] in <3606d2af539c45e4b5c61658e6a8b307>:0 at Oxide.Core.Plugins.CSPlugin.OnCallHook (System.String name, System.Object[] args) [0x000d8] in <c2afd8354b8b4f3ca451cf5a1aa111c3>:0 at Oxide.Core.Plugins.Plugin.CallHook (System.String hook, System.Object[] args) [0x00060] in <c2afd8354b8b4f3ca451cf5a1aa111c3>:0



but thanks for the info that we can ignore this

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